36 Weeks with Shiloh Joy

Our fourth week of weekly appointments and tests looked good. Shiloh gave the nurses a little cause for concern on the NST with low heart rate numbers, but after being monitored for a long time our doctor determined it was just because Shiloh was so wiggly during the monitoring (SO wiggly)! And all looked right on the doppler! We have another growth ultrasound at the end of this week and we’ll have an updated idea on how much she’s weighing!

36 weeks pregnant with Hadley and Paxton felt so different that 36 weeks with Shiloh. With the bigger two the final weeks of pregnancy felt so long as we waited expectantly to meet them on their due date! But with Shiloh, the final weeks of pregnancy feel like they’re going by in the blink of an eye and we’re trying to slow time down.

We would love continued prayer for Shiloh’s growth and development as we get closer to her birthday! We would also love prayers for us, fully trusting in the Lord’s sovereignty and his love for us and Shiloh, for peace for me and Zachery as it’s feeling a little harder the closer we get to meeting Shiloh, and for genuine joy and expectancy as we look forward to the birth of our sweet daughter!

Love, the Linns

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