1 Whole Year!

Our sweet girl is a whole year old! I realize it’s been FAR too long since I’ve updated on here, hopefully most of you follow along on instagram or facebook where I do actually post little updates more often! The Lord has brought us so far. I’ve reflected a lot recently about the days leadingContinue reading “1 Whole Year!”

Scenes from home

There’s a lot of mundane that fills our days. Feeding kids constantly (Shiloh is currently eating smaller meals every hour and a half to try to help her reflux), changing diapers, cleaning up, holding a puke bucket for Shiloh, managing big emotions from our older two, and trying to split our attention between the treeContinue reading “Scenes from home”

Winter Whirlwind

Hi friends! It’s been a long time since we’ve updated things here. We’re trying to get used to this new normal of life with 3 kids, Zachery back to work (from home), doctor appointments, and therapies! Thankfully, it seems like things are settling down for the time being and we’re getting into the swing ofContinue reading “Winter Whirlwind”

November update

We’ve been home since November 9th now, 3 weeks! Coming home with Shiloh was one of the sweetest feelings ever. Hadley and Paxton were so excited to meet their baby sister, and being under the same roof as a complete family of five is such a blessing and joy. Something we’ve prayed for so muchContinue reading “November update”

Day 8 in the NICU

We’ve been at Arkansas Children’s in Little Rock now since Tuesday afternoon. We have been blown away by the doctors and teams we’ve met with, and so thankful for how they all work together in planning care for Shiloh. We’re so thankful for the exception they made for me and Zachery to be here withContinue reading “Day 8 in the NICU”

Quick update

This is getting posted a little late because we stay pretty busy! We’ll work on another update as to where we are today to share in a little bit, but here’s some about the past week! A lot has happened since we last updated here, and honestly, to sum up everything that happened in theContinue reading “Quick update”

Happy birthday Shiloh Joy!

The day finally came, Shiloh Joy has arrived! We could not have asked Jesus for a smoother delivery. Shiloh showed up ready to greet the world, crying and with great color! 6lbs 6oz 18 inches long, chunky already, and a full head of dark hair. She got to spend a few minutes with us, thenContinue reading “Happy birthday Shiloh Joy!”

36 Weeks with Shiloh Joy

Our fourth week of weekly appointments and tests looked good. Shiloh gave the nurses a little cause for concern on the NST with low heart rate numbers, but after being monitored for a long time our doctor determined it was just because Shiloh was so wiggly during the monitoring (SO wiggly)! And all looked rightContinue reading “36 Weeks with Shiloh Joy”

35 Weeks with Shiloh Joy

All looked great on the doppler and NST again this week! Praise the Lord for continued protection over Shiloh and for every additional day she has growing and developing inside the womb before her birthday! Zachery got to come with this week for the appointment and the sweet ultrasound tech tried her hardest to getContinue reading “35 Weeks with Shiloh Joy”

34 Weeks with Shiloh Joy

Praising the Lord for another week of everything looking good for Shiloh on doppler! Shiloh had one little hand right in front of her face on ultrasound (her very favorite position, as she is in most ultrasounds!), her heartbeat and the blood flow through the cord showed she’s getting what she needs! Her heartbeat andContinue reading “34 Weeks with Shiloh Joy”