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1 Whole Year!

Our sweet girl is a whole year old! I realize it’s been FAR too long since I’ve updated on here, hopefully most of you follow along on instagram or facebook where I do actually post little updates more often! The Lord has brought us so far. I’ve reflected a lot recently about the days leading…

Scenes from home

There’s a lot of mundane that fills our days. Feeding kids constantly (Shiloh is currently eating smaller meals every hour and a half to try to help her reflux), changing diapers, cleaning up, holding a puke bucket for Shiloh, managing big emotions from our older two, and trying to split our attention between the tree…

Winter Whirlwind

Hi friends! It’s been a long time since we’ve updated things here. We’re trying to get used to this new normal of life with 3 kids, Zachery back to work (from home), doctor appointments, and therapies! Thankfully, it seems like things are settling down for the time being and we’re getting into the swing of…

November update

We’ve been home since November 9th now, 3 weeks! Coming home with Shiloh was one of the sweetest feelings ever. Hadley and Paxton were so excited to meet their baby sister, and being under the same roof as a complete family of five is such a blessing and joy. Something we’ve prayed for so much…


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About Us

Zachery and I have been married for a little over 5 and a half years. Our oldest, Hadley, is a spunky, brilliant 3 year old. Our middle, Paxton, is an adventurous, goofy, 2 year old. Our littlest, Shiloh, is due in November! We’ve all lived in Northwest Arkansas nearly all our lives. We love Jesus, love each other, and love to be outside!

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