37 Weeks with Shiloh Joy

Shiloh’s doppler and NST looked wonderful at our appointment today! We also got to do another growth ultrasound and she’s grown bigger and better than we expected! Praising Jesus for a big answer to prayers!! We’re estimating that she weighs 5lbs6oz. Our sweet girl is growing and we’re so so very thankful.

We were able to meet with the NICU doctor again, who we like so much. We’re so thankful that we feel that Shiloh will be in good hands with the NICU team at Washington Regional. It was really helpful to talk to her and get some clarity on what to expect after Shiloh’s born (as much as possible given all the variables and unknowns about Shiloh). Best case scenario, we’re expecting for Shiloh to be in the NICU for a week for tests and figuring out feedings. The possibility of us ending up at Children’s in Little Rock will depend on if Shiloh is having seizures (based on what we’ve read and heard with abnormal brain development, this seems like a pretty strong possibility, but we know that Jesus is in control and is powerful over diagnoses and symptoms!).

We now have an official induction date! Early morning November 3rd we’ll be heading into the hospital to induce! Praying praying praying as that day

Prayers – praying against seizures, trouble breathing, trouble feeding; for the doctors and nurses at her delivery and in the NICU, that they will be focused on Shiloh’s life and that the Lord will give the wisdom to quickly understand what’s going on with Shiloh and how to help her best; that the Holy Spirit will speak clearly to Zachery and I as we make decisions for Shiloh;

Worrying about the future is so incredibly easy right now. We are finding ourselves in prayer constantly, handing fears over to the Lord, and reminding ourselves truths we know about His character and who He is in Shiloh’s story. On one hand this isn’t easy to do, our human nature wants answers, it wants to be angry at something/someone for this situation, it’s all too easy to be consumed by fear; On the other hand we just fall into the grace of God, what/who else do we have besides him? Throughout history he has proved himself tim

Love, the Linns

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