35 Weeks with Shiloh Joy

All looked great on the doppler and NST again this week! Praise the Lord for continued protection over Shiloh and for every additional day she has growing and developing inside the womb before her birthday! Zachery got to come with this week for the appointment and the sweet ultrasound tech tried her hardest to get us some more good pictures of Shiloh’s face, but sweet girl was so low it couldn’t be done! I’m telling y’all, this ultrasound tech, Dawna, is an angel. She always takes the extra time to answer questions and really works to show us things and explain them to us. She showed us Shiloh’s cleft a little more this week and where you can see it continues into the hard palate (something you can’t always tell on ultrasound), we can’t tell if her soft palate is involved or not, but are praying that it isn’t (as this can make speaking and eating more difficult).

Talking to our doctor, we’re hoping/planning on waiting until close to 39 weeks to induce. As long as things keep looking like they have been on the doppler and NST, it looks like that will be able to happen! Thankfully we’ve gotten the “okay” from doctors to deliver here at Washington Regional, rather than Little Rock, because we don’t expect Shiloh to need any big immediate surgeries after birth (her little heart looks wonderful and we haven’t seen any hydrocephalus, extra fluid on the brain, that would likely require a shunt).

We’re just very grateful for every additional day Shiloh has growing, and so so thankful for God’s continued protection over her little life!

Specific prayer requests continue to be about the same! For healing, and growth for Shiloh Joy. For peace as her birthday gets closer. And that the team at the hospital for her birth and beyond would be encouraging and invested in Shiloh’s life.

In other non medical related life, we had a chance to get away camping at Beaver Lake earlier this week and it was a really good time to reset a little bit. Hadley and Paxton rode bikes, threw rocks in the lake, and explored from sun up to sun down! Shiloh Joy’s third camping trip! It’s a very weird season of knowing our lives are about to change when Shiloh’s born, but not knowing what’s going to happen, not being able to envision life beyond the next month or so is really difficult. We’re doing our best to continue making sweet family moments and memories even now while Shiloh’s safe and sound in the womb!

Love, the Linns

2 thoughts on “35 Weeks with Shiloh Joy

  1. Kelly, I am thinking of and praying often for you and Shiloh. I know this is a difficult road to travel but I know your faith is strong and gives you peace. Please allow me to come alongside you in anything you need, I do care.

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