Specific Prayer Requests

As of 9/1/2020 these are some of the things that we are praying for specifically:

  • Praying for miraculous healing for her brain
  • Praying against problems for Shiloh breathing after she’s born
  • Praying against problems for Shiloh feeding after she’s born
  • Praying against seizures for Shiloh
  • Praying that she will continue to grow! And even grow bigger than the percentage that she’s in right now
  • Praying for favorable hospital policies for whatever the situation is with Shiloh after birth (especially with visitors, that Hadley and Paxton will get to meet Shiloh in the hospital if it doesn’t look like she’s going to be able to come home).
  • Praying that we will meet the NICU team who will be taking care of Shiloh immediately after birth and that we will feel assured in their commitment for care of Shiloh.
  • Praying against worry and anxiety for Zachery and I as her birth gets closer. That we will feel genuine excitement and joy in the expectation of her arrival rather than any fear
  • Praying for wisdom and sensitivity for God’s voice for me and Zachery
  • Praying for the right words me and Zachery and for understanding for Hadley and Paxton

We know that there are so many people lifting Shiloh and the rest of our family up in prayer. These prayers are felt and so deeply appreciated! We are so humbled by the community of believers that God has surrounded us with.

Love, the Linns

3 thoughts on “Specific Prayer Requests

  1. Hi Linn Family- printing your prayer requests out so can read each one daily. Thank you for sharing your journey with your family of love and prayer warriors. I am blessed to be part of this powerful prayer group 🙏💕

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  2. Thanks for the updates and specific requests. We are praying for you all daily. May you feel God’s peace, grace and comfort as you walk each day. Love you all. -Duane, Raeann, Eli and Halle Linn 🙂

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  3. Kelly, I’m so sorry to read all this. Tears were flowing reading your journey with Shiloh and I have prayed and prayed for you guys and baby girl and will continue to. God is so great and he is holding you in his hands.

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