32 Weeks with Shiloh Joy

We had another appointment last week. It was nice to have a couple weeks off of doctor visits before jumping into weekly appointments! No ultrasound this week. Just meeting with my OB and with a neonatologist from the NICU. PRAISE, Zachery was able to come to this appointment! Which is incredibly helpful to have both of us hearing what the doctors have to say, but is also just extremely comforting to not be at appointments alone.

The neonatologist we met was amazing, incredibly sweet and warm. She started off the appointment by asking about our family, and asked Shiloh’s name. This was really meaningful as I realized no one else we’ve met in the medical world has asked her name, just a little thing, but it gave us peace that she and her team will be for Shiloh and invested in her care.

While the neonatologist gave us lots of really great information about how they will care for Shiloh immediately after she’s born, it’s incredibly hard to talk about, much less think about decisions we will need to make.

We are continuing to pray for growth for Shiloh, that everything will look good in the weekly tests we are starting this week, for wisdom for Zachery and I as we are asked to make hard decisions and come up with plans for her care, and for strength for us as we continue this journey.

Love, the Linns

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