November update

We’ve been home since November 9th now, 3 weeks! Coming home with Shiloh was one of the sweetest feelings ever. Hadley and Paxton were so excited to meet their baby sister, and being under the same roof as a complete family of five is such a blessing and joy. Something we’ve prayed for so much and deeply desired. How sweet to be given this desire of our hearts by our Father!

We are so thankful for the way our families and friends have come around us, for all of the prayers said on Shiloh’s behalf (God hears them!) & for the ways people have gone above and beyond loving us tangibly (coming home to a clean house, meals from a meal train, groceries, loving the bigs, snuggling Shiloh, bringing us coffee, hugs when we need them, etc.). We are so humbled and so thankful, we won’t ever be able to communicate the depth of this.

One month of Shiloh Joy!

Health update: Shiloh continues to do really well! She’s a month old now and it’s so fun to see her be more awake and alert as she grows! She loves to look around and stare right at you with her big beautiful eyes. We’ve had lots of appointments at Arkansas Children’s Northwest since coming home (man oh man, we’re so thankful to have a children’s hospital so close that we aren’t having to travel to Little Rock every week!) pediatrics, neurology, endocrinology, labs, surgery consults, Children’s Northwest has the works! Seeing her pediatrician, Shiloh’s growing and gaining weight like she should be. Her sodium levels (which are affected by her DI) have fluctuated a little bit, but seem to be easily controlled with the medication that she is on. She does have to have labs drawn often, which isn’t any of our favorites. We’ve successfully changed her feeding tube a few times now, and we’re really getting the hang of things being home. It’s crazy that things that seemed so scary and unknown a few weeks ago seems almost second nature now. Taking home a baby who had spent her first 11 days in a NICU connected to wires that told us heart rate and O2 levels felt scary suddenly not knowing what those numbers were. However, tube feeds feel normal and aside from that, Shiloh is just like any other newborn.

We are continually reminded of and so thankful for who God is, that he has given Shiloh her life and that he is providing for her and sustaining her, she’s a tiny little human display of how strong our God is and how much he loves us. So much about the future is still unknown and nothing is promised, but we’re thankful for his grace from day to day. Zachery and I are also just learning to live with the tension of returning to everyday life (as much as Covid allows), and taking care of Shiloh, knowing that every day with her is precious and nothing is promised. She has already impacted us deeply, we pray differently since knowing her, Hadley has seen Jesus answer prayers that she prayed so long (what a testimony to her little heart, and to ours to, of God’s care and faithfulness).

We’re doing well, so thankful, so tired (three kids under 4 is no joke), and continually so humbled. If you see us, we probably need coffee and a hug!

Prayer requests: continuing to pray that Shiloh remains seizure free, that she keeps doing as amazingly as she is, that her DI (diabetes insipidus) will continue to be controlled with the medication that she’s on, and for wisdom for Zachery and I as we have surgery consultations this month for a g-tube and with the cleft team. And for all of our hearts as we continue to walk this road, unsure of the future, that we always trust the Lord and lean into him as our strength.

“Today is mine. Tomorrow is none of my business. If I peer anxiously into the fog of the future, I will strain my spiritual eyes so that I will not see clearly what is required of me now.” – Elisabeth Elliot

Love, the Linns

One thought on “November update

  1. Hi Kelly. I’m thinking and praying extra for you today and your little family. In fact I woke up during the night with you on my mind and began praying. I know you are a very busy mommy right now and with a lot of extra responsibilities with Shiloh Joy. If I can do anything for you please don’t hesitate to text me or email. I miss my Wet Cement babies. ❤️ Merry Christmas.

    Sent from my iPhone Rhonda Doss


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