1 Whole Year!

Our sweet girl is a whole year old!

I realize it’s been FAR too long since I’ve updated on here, hopefully most of you follow along on instagram or facebook where I do actually post little updates more often!

The Lord has brought us so far. I’ve reflected a lot recently about the days leading up to Shiloh’s birth. How there was so much uncertainty, but, by God’s grace, we were able to rest in the peace of knowing that nothing was uncertain for him. He still offers us that peace as the future is always uncertain, it’s a little harder now in the business and noise of life to remember that it takes simple faith to embrace him. That the hope that we have, does not rest on everything being “fixed” on this side of heaven.

Shiloh is truly doing well. We’ve had a couple little hiccups of trouble managing her diabetes insipidus and managing her temperature (as we’ve learned that she seems to struggle regulating her temperature on her own and can get feverish quite easily). Apart from those things though she’s doing well! Her switch from a G tube to a GJ tube at the end of August has been such a blessing. She does still throw up but it’s so much less. And she’s GROWING, she’s gained nearly 4 lbs since the change and has grown an inch, it felt like overnight all her clothes were suddenly too small!

She is rocking her therapies! She is still in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech (hopefully soon to be getting speech twice a week)! She is all around developmentally delayed, but milestones will still be hit, just on a different timeline. I’m so thankful for Shiloh’s therapists (who she LOVES), for their skills and expertise and how they’re encouraging Shiloh to try new things.

Shiloh loves her brother and sister and her puppies (she recently noticed the dogs and smiles as she watches them and loves to pet them!). She loves swinging on the back porch (especially when she’s pushed really high!), she loves to be tickled and kissed and sung to and played with! She finally cut 2 teeth this month (a relief to mom who’s been blaming teething on things for month and months)! While it can be hard to know she isn’t hitting the milestones a neurotypical 1 year old would, she cuddles way more and always wants to be rocked to sleep, it’s a sweet little gift to get to baby our last baby longer.

I always want to be mindful that we’re sharing Shiloh’s story with absolute respect for her and total glory to God, hopefully I’ve done that today!

Thanks for following along!

Love, the Linns

2 thoughts on “1 Whole Year!

  1. Hi Kelly! I think it’s time we connected my name is Rachel, and my son David was born similar to Shiloh. While he doesn’t have HPE, he does have a midline cleft and a variety of birth defects. We are Christians and I found your Instagram when I was pregnant with David. I’d really, really like to connect.

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