Scenes from home

There’s a lot of mundane that fills our days. Feeding kids constantly (Shiloh is currently eating smaller meals every hour and a half to try to help her reflux), changing diapers, cleaning up, holding a puke bucket for Shiloh, managing big emotions from our older two, and trying to split our attention between the tree kids. It’s exhausting and can feel overwhelming. But when we can lift our heads out of the fog, we can see it’s sanctifying, and we’re so humbled. We’re not doing this perfectly. We lose our patience. We feel defeated. We break down. We cry. But we know and trust that Jesus is here with us. He’s giving us these moments as opportunities to be more like him, we see his heart, he loves us even in our mess better than we can love our children in theirs (and we love them a whole lot!). Thoughts creep in of “what if’s,” I read another special need’s mom’s goal this year was to change the “what if’s” into “even if’s,” and while that’s easier said than done, it’s so powerful and redirects my heart to trusting in Jesus. We’re so blessed and the Lord shows his kindness to us again and again.

Enjoy these photos of our cute little people! And remember this is only a small part of the picture!

Love, the Linns

2 thoughts on “Scenes from home

  1. Oh my Goodness Kelly! May God just continue to to fill you and Zac with His Goodness, Joy and His strength on days and times when you feel like you don’t have it! I love your pictures! What Joy! Little Shiloh Joy is so beautiful! Take care sweet Linn family!
    Love, Hilary

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