Happy birthday Shiloh Joy!

The day finally came, Shiloh Joy has arrived! We could not have asked Jesus for a smoother delivery. Shiloh showed up ready to greet the world, crying and with great color! 6lbs 6oz 18 inches long, chunky already, and a full head of dark hair. She got to spend a few minutes with us, then went up to the NICU for a more detailed exam and monitoring. She took about 60% of a bottle by mouth that the speech therapist fed her which was awesome to see! They made the decision to go ahead and try a feeding tube to make sure it would work for her as the doctor did not think that bottle feeding would get her enough nutrients. So far the feeding tube is looking great. We have had such an awesome care team that all seemed to be on Shiloh’s side.

Late afternoon we spoke with the neonatologist to discuss how things were going and what to expect going forward. She went through several things around feeding, an MRI, and possible reconstructive surgeries in the future. In that discussion she was not super positive about the long term options for Shiloh. That was really hard to hear. It’s not that it was anything new, but everything had gone so well today, so it felt like it was out of left field a bit. It reminded us that Shiloh won the fight on day one, but that is not the end of the battle.

We understand that part of a doctor’s job is to avoid creating false hope in situations they should not. She was simply providing her best information and advice on what she was seeing. We recognize that Shiloh’s story is not defined or decided by any human, but by her Father in heaven. We are thankful for today, and prayerful for the days ahead. We are doing our best to celebrate her and be joyful, even in the face of the unknown.

Current specific prayer requests for Shiloh

  1. That Shiloh could learn to eat from a bottle
  2. That her vitals would all continue to stay consistent
  3. That she would continue to be seizure free

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.”

Romans 12:12

Love, Zachery for the Linns

4 thoughts on “Happy birthday Shiloh Joy!

  1. Many of my specific prayers were answered today! More prayers for all you’ve requested! For sure, God is in control over science & medical opinions!

    One special prayer of mine was soft palate to be complete so she could eat. Praise God He delivered this!

    I was 6lb 9oz at birth so she is just right!! Not too tiny at all! Hope to see her head of hair soon in photos!

    Sheila is my friend & in our NH cell group! It’s such an honor to have been a prayer warrior on Shiloh Joy’s behalf! I continue to lift all her family to our awesome Father God & King Jesus!!

    Take good care of her Mommy now as rest comes! Keep us informed, please!!

    In Holy Name of Jesus,

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  2. Oh Kelly. I rejoice with you today. Keep looking to Jesus for your strength. He knows and understands you emotions. Let joy an sorrow dance together. Please let me know if I can do anything for you.

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  3. Praying for you all! Peace, wisdom, the ability to be present in each precious moment, to be able to see miracles (more than humanly imaginable) throughout this journey, to have faith in our Father and His goodness, and feel Him holding you all secure. You all are beloved. He loves you SO MUCH! You are loved by so many.

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