34 Weeks with Shiloh Joy

Praising the Lord for another week of everything looking good for Shiloh on doppler! Shiloh had one little hand right in front of her face on ultrasound (her very favorite position, as she is in most ultrasounds!), her heartbeat and the blood flow through the cord showed she’s getting what she needs! Her heartbeat and activity on the NST also looked great, she was more active than she needed to be for the time that we were on the monitors, which just helps us see more that her heart rate and brain are responding as they should be as she wiggles around! We are so very thankful and encouraged that Shiloh continues to look good on the scans!

Please continue to pray that Shiloh keeps growing and developing & her body is prepared for birth, for wisdom for Zachery and I as we talk through decisions surrounding labor and delivery and her care after birth, and for peace as her birthday is very quickly approaching!

Love, the Linns

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