33 weeks with Shiloh Joy

Our weekly testing has begun! Every week when I go in I will have a non-stress test (just sit for a bit with monitors on my belly to track Shiloh’s heart rate along with any contractions I’m having), a little visit with my doctor, and an ultrasound to look at the blood flow from the placenta to baby girl.

Everything this week looked great. Her heartbeat sounded strong & she did exactly what the doctors were looking for!

I didn’t realize this ultrasound would be a full ultrasound, I got to see so much of sweet Shiloh Joy, and the tech was incredibly sweet going out of her way and taking more time to show me things on the scan or try to get the perfect picture of Shiloh (who always has her hands in front of her face!). She showed me that Shiloh has some hair on her head, that she’s moving her tongue in a sucking reflex (which gives me more hope for bottle feeding after she’s born!), and so many sweet details of our daughter like her tiny hands and feet. She’s still measuring 3-4 weeks behind where she should be and they estimated she weighs 3lbs 11oz.

I know there is hope and I hold it in my heart, but after our appointment today I truly feel it. Maybe it was seeing so much more of her on this ultrasound, but really it’s just because of Jesus. I don’t feel as afraid of her birth anymore, I don’t know if I’d go as far to say I’m excited for it as there are still so many unknowns, but there’s a little more anticipation there as we continue to wait for our Shiloh girl. Thank you for continuing to pray for us!

Love, the Linns

One thought on “33 weeks with Shiloh Joy

  1. My prayers for a miracle girl, Shiloh Joy!
    Also, prayers for her immediate & extended family as our Father God oversees all of you!
    May her life be precious, meaningful, & more joyful than ever could be expected! She steals hearts by her life already! Love to you!


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