Hi all,

We’re so happy you’ve found this space to share in Shiloh Joy’s story. Many of you know that our second daughter is due November 10th and our doctors have found some abnormalities in her brain development.

While sharing can be really difficult sometimes, especially as we are processing things ourselves, we feel very strongly about sharing Shiloh’s story and her life as we know that God has plans for it and uses everything for His glory.

To be completely honest with you, something that I’m struggling with is a balance between being too clinical in talking about what’s going on with Shiloh and being overcome by emotions as we wait, not knowing exactly what’s going on with her brain and her body, and walk through this very different and hard season. Be forewarned, that struggle for the perfect balance will likely appear here! But I’m going to do my best!

Thank you for taking the time to read Shiloh’s story as it unfolds and for joining us in praying for her! We are so humbled by the believers we are surrounded with lifting our girl and our family up to our Father in prayer.

Love, the Linns

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